1. I thought reading a good book in a charming place to be one of the greatest pleasures of life, then I discovered the Magione Giriodi and I read a book by Pavese with bare feet on the ground inside the vineyard, leaning against a branch, and the heat the sun to redden the cheeks, and I realized that reading a good book in a beautiful place can be happiness.
(Ada Fraternali)

2. You'll arrive because you spoke of it with a good friend, and you want to know if the feelings that you sent are true and if they meet your expectations. Instead discover that none of the feelings you have experienced can be told only in part, and that the party even if you could transfer can only be lived. And that delights the apricot jam.
(Luigi Donè)

3. A place to set in a movie, where time is suspended. Just a weekend for peace with the world, finding the human dimension that we have lost in background noise and the speed with which they follow each other experiences. It 's the third time that I go back, I think he is becoming a place to rediscover myself.
(Mariella De Sanctis)

4. I was looking for a place to find myself, I sat in the rows, and I cried. Then I looked around, I smile and I thought maybe I found myself really. What kind of atmosphere at dusk!
(Renato Risi)
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