The secret vineyard

To the center of the Mansion, true fulcrum around which wheel the to articulate some time of the permanence, a suggestive vineyard fascinates the heart and the sight. Of good dimension, the vineyard secret preserve the characteristics typical of the rows en plein air, but it adds the advantage of the to be able to enjoy of it 'in exclusive', going out in garden, admiring him/it lasting the breakfast, leaning out himself/herself/itself to a window of the courtyard, sitting himself/herself/itself in to read a book before going to sleep breathing the humors just lifted the morning of it. A real lung for the mind and for the eye, that here loses gladly him.

Sleep in the Sevenhundred

The refined care for every detail, the sheets of soft cotton decorated with embroideries affixed by the patient hands of noble damsels, the slim colors crayon of the draperies, the heat of the wood and the cooked one, the frescos: to the Mansion Giriodi all contributes to let the precious guest to feel. The discreet charm of an experience out of the time unites him to the comfort of a relaxing stay, devoted to if same, in a trip toward nearer rhythms to the breath of the heart and the senses.
The flame of the candle or the oil light reverberates languid, illuminating the beds to canopy, ready to welcome you for a night of sweets dreams.

And then, to the awakening, the pleasure to sit to a table prepared with the best products artisans of the confectionery excellence: eyes and hands greedily prosthesis to choose among a practically endless range of prepared genuine jams with the local fruit, real kaleidoscope of colors and tastes, among perfumes of coffee and aromas of toasted bread.

Stays of Relax

Fresh flowers and baskets of fruit of season. This the welcome one that attends you the morning in the intimate and pleasant places of the breakfast. A rustle, turns yourself, and on the table trays have almost magically appeared with jams in delicious terracotta bowls. Another rustle, and someone has still brought in table slices of warm bread. Still a rustle, and kettles of milk appear just milked. You wake up you among the soft blankets of the eighteenth-century rooms, in a magnificent bed to canopy that has made you feel king for a night; from the glass door the splendid inside vineyard is glimpse to the garden. You realize you that there is something that it misses you: you discover with relief that deals with the noises. And you think that the desires can be realized. To the Mansion Giriodi the time is not stopped forever: its has decided only to give you a passage, bringing to live you an experience unique arcadica.

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